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What's going on in that mind of yours? SO much, right? I'm trained and certified to see the limitations you may not be aware of or the stories you're telling yourself that are only thoughts- NOT reality. That's nothing but the brain's sneaky way of holding you back so it can stay nice and cozy in its favorite place...the familiar.
It’s doing what it’s meant to do: avoid risk, whether physical, mental or emotional, at all cost! Our brains really resist new and potentially uncomfortable things. 
When you work with me, we’ll tidy up your mind. We’ll replace thoughts that aren’t serving you with thoughts that help you be the person you want and create a life you value. 
Coaching isn’t about me telling you how to live your life. It’s about teaching you how to trust that you already know how you want to live it and that you can make it happen.



Melissa knows a thing or two (or three) about adapting to change and transformation. She spent nearly 20 years as a radio personality in large and medium markets along the east coast and her work in the country music format earned her both a CMA and ACM award.

In 2017, she decided to end her career in radio and pursue her work in voice-over and audiobook narration. Melissa now has over 300 audiobooks available on Audible and has won an Earphones Award from Audiofile Magazine and earned nominations for the Audies and SOVA (Society of Voice Arts and Sciences)

Along with her work in VO, she decided to attack a lifelong dream of on-camera acting and added several national commercials and short films to her resume.

Now a certified Life Coach, mom, entrepreneur, frequent doodler, excessive note-taker, crafting hobbyist, and actress, Melissa knows the challenges that come with balancing creative endeavors while juggling family, a demanding career, and all the things that come with it. Talk to someone who 'gets' that life and understands what it takes to achieve and maintain it.

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But there ARE some things you'd love to bounce off someone who is trained to actively listen and has ALL the focus on you and achieving your goals. Life coaches also ask the hard questions and can see you with a fresh pair of eyes.

Friends at the Beach


Let's have a casual, no-pressure chat to get to know one another! In this 45-minute discovery call, you can try out what a regular session would be like with me and if we vibe together because... that's important! I'll send you my calendar so you can schedule a time that works best for us both.
This is all 100% confidential whether you become a client or not. Trust and respect are so important in our connection and I hold myself and my work to the highest standard.

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  • $500 for 4 One Hour Sessions

    1 hr

    125 US dollars
  • $1000 for 8 One Hour Sessions (Includes Email and Text Support)

    1 hr

    125 US dollars
  • $1500 for 12 One Hour Sessions (Text, Email, 4 Fifteen min. calls)

    1 hr

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